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Primary secondary and senior secondary and vocational technical institute providing the training of viscera trades and providing the education of children by seeking reorganization and affiliation form to education department State Govt and Centre Govt. of India

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To arrange and manage the trainings institute program me in typeshorthandcomputer software and hardware electriciantechnicianplumbering, tailoring cutting and hand typing and other trades of the industries trainings and related ITI.

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To impart the computer education and technical education and literacy for student unemployed with the society the society providing the different trades. Trainings may be providing the governmental and semi governmental cooperative and public sector.

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Our Work Promise To Uphold The Trust Placed

Technical education contributes surprisingly to the socio Economic development of the country as a whole .In today’s world when educated youth are facing the brunt of joblessness and to counter the situation the Govt. has come up with various skill development programs and “Seekho aur kamou” is one of the pilot schemes among the different schemes/programs so that our youth will become self reliant.



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Mechanical Workshop

Ours is not only an institution but a mission to empower today’s youth in order to enable our youth to face the biggest challenge of job scarcity that is unemployment. The society in a short span of time has produced a good number of technocrats, skilled personal in different trades.

Practice Tool

Practice Tools

      Moreover we at “JKPTDWS” believe that there is lot of work to be done in this direction which needs sincere efforts both from student community as well as our experienced and trained staff involved in imparting expert training.

Anatomy Class

Anatomy Class

We at JKPTDWS are of the opinion that a pragmatic approach is the need of hour as such we are their to provide a helping hand and work along side our trainees to help them in a every possible manner be it training wise, helping them to get benefit of scholarships and finally providing them placement assistance.


Certificate Issuing Authority: NCVT or Third Party Assignment or Institution

Lab Assistant
Rs 15000/=
Pharmacy Assistant
Rs 10000
Basic Anatomy and Physiology
Rs 10000
Multi cale Health Worker
Rs 12000
Tailoring and Cutting
Rs 12000
Assessment Fee
Rs 12000
Rs 10000
Bed Side Assistant
Rs 10000
Rs 12000/=
Rs 12000/=
Computer Operator
Rs 12000/=
Examination Fee
Rs 1000/=